Over the Eight


Over the Eight provides all the comforts of a traditional public house in a welcoming, spirited environment. Aside
from being a reliable place to find fantastic beers and food, the bar is a crossroads of community and culture,
playing host to a diverse and engaging range of events, from readings and comedy shows to movie
screenings and parties.

If you’re in the mood for sports, we’ve got you covered with 5 projectors and 2 big-screen LCD TVs. Whether it’s NFL, NBA,
or one of those other ones, grab a spot in the front bar or our spacious back room and vibe with us. Indulge your sports lust
with a rotating selection of craft beers and cocktails, and an extensive spirits list.

Be sure to check out Santa Salsa, our resident Venezuelan food sorcerers. After crashing their truck into our back room,
they’ve been serving Brooklyn an inspired update on the country’s classic street food. Hot dogs, pepitos,
empanadas and more, check out the menu here.

We’re happy to book birthdays and private parties in our back room, or if you have a great event and need a space,
hit us up on our contact page.